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Business Exit & Transition Webinar Series

Business Exit & Transition Webinar Series

At H & A Advanced Business Partners, one of our primary focuses is to partner alongside a business owner and help them to create the most effective and efficient business exit strategy.  We have created a webinar series that focuses on the 7 different types of exit strategies.

Our first video in the webinar series focuses on Family Transfers.  One of our advisors, Charles Goetz, presents timely information on all of the different aspects of a family transfer.

We hope you enjoy this first video of our webinar series.  If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this topic further, you can reach us at: 810-579-0088. 

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We work with business owners to organize and develop written plans to help remedy issues and concerns, such as succession planning, executive benefits strategies, and employee benefits.

  • Executive Benefit Strategies
    • 162 Leverage Bonus
    • 409a Plans
    • LTC Carve Outs
    • DI Carve Outs
  • Qualified Plan
    • 401K Profit Sharing
    • 403b
    • SEP
    • SIMPLE
    • Solo 401k
    • Cash Balance
    • Defined Benefit
  • Business Continuation
    • Entity Purchase
    • Cross Purchase
    • Trusted Plan
    • Wait and See
    • SERP Buyout
  • Group Benefits
    • Life
    • DI
    • LTC Health